T minus 3 weeks!

Time is flying by and we’re now just 3 weeks out from our rotation. This past weekend, some of the VMCO alumni flew out to visit us here in Philly and help us with our mock clinic as we prepare for Vietnam! Thao and Chi who were among the first members to attend the mission, have gone to Vietnam for the past several missions and are a huge part of the VMCO team. We’re lucky to have them to show us the way (as well as the other alumni that came, Montana, Phoebe, and Jihae), and the 2016 team is excited to join the VMCO family!

On Friday, a mock clinic was set up to prepare our team for what a day in the clinic would be like in Vietnam. Clinic starts as early in the morning as 6AM and we could potentially see up to 150 patients for 10-12 hours/day. There are several stations where we will be assisting including intake, where the Vietnamese translators will take a medical history and the patient’s chief complaint, the medical room, physical therapy, and finally the pharmacy.  We will be taking blood pressures and blood glucose at intake, setting up the medical room with lidocaine and B12 injections as well as presenting the patients to the doctor with their chief complaints, teaching patients basic physical therapy and exercise, and dispensing medications. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we are taking about $20,000 worth of medications with us, and we cannot thank you all enough. We’re all very excited to embark on this journey, although the nerves are definitely starting to kick in.




Dr. R and the alumni are giving us a break down of what clinic will be like. You can tell we’re excited to finally meet Chi and Thao!





Phoebe, Thao, Xiu and Chi played some awesome Vietnamese patients so that Kathy, Tony, and I could brush up on our Vietnamese for intake. They came up with some interesting chief complaints including a  cough and full body ache and a kidney infection that radiated pain upwards. We all got to practice taking blood pressures and glucose, and Chi even sacrificed her finger for us.


In the medical room, we will prep each day by preparing syringes for lidocaine and B-12 injections, as well as all the medical supplies that will be needed for each day. Set up is key as each day will be very busy and to ensure that we maximize our time at the clinic, everything will we need will be ready to go.

Thank you again to our alumni for coming out and spending time with us!

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