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First off, we would like to send our immense gratitude to our host, the Irish Pub and to everyone who came out to support the mission. We were all overwhelmed with the support we received from our friends, family, colleagues, and faculty. Without your charitable donations this fundraising event for the mission would not have been possible. We are happy to announce that the final tally for the night was a total of $1522! WOW!  This event was memorable as it was the first event we held as a team and it allowed us to interact with the alumni from past missions. The turnout for the event showed us the lives the mission has touched here in the United States and we hope it will do the same for us.

Along with Dr. Ruchalski and VMCO alumni, our team also attended game night hosted by Jennifer Ho (a member from the VMCO 2016 team).  This was a night of fun-filled activities, bonding moments, and reconnecting with each other. Although the VMCO 2016 team outcompeted us in Taboo, the VMCO 2017 team had a blast!!


We also would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Vietnamese Medical Charity Organization Charity Banquet is only 2 weeks away!!  This event will be held at Saigon Maxim on Saturday, March 18th from 7-10pm.

We are still currently selling raffle tickets and tickets for the banquet!! Please see the picture below for the list of prizes and we are still working on more prizes! . Each raffle ticket is $5.00 and tickets for the event are $55!

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