VMCO Charity Banquet 2017

First and foremost, the entire VMCO family would like to thank each and every one of you who came out to support the VMCO Charity Banquet on March 18th at Saigon Maxim. Seeing the entire venue filled up made all the hard work and effort of each team member really worth it! We would also like to thank the live entertainers of the night: singers Minh Tuyet and Hoang Thuc Linh along with local singers Gabby Nguyen, Quoc Nam, and the My Way Band. You truly rocked the entire night!

Also, we would like to send a huge Thank You to Saigon Maxim and Caring Pharmacy for sponsoring the event, and to Peggy Nguyen for brightening our night with life-sized flowers!! We also have to take a moment to thank the students, VMCO alumni, volunteers and faculty from Temple University School of Pharmacy for the continuous support towards the mission.

We are happy to announce that the final total of donations for the night was $23,274!

All of your donations, including raffles, rose purchases, and banquet tickets will go directly towards buying medication, medical supplies, scholarships, and school supplies for these missions.

Please click here to watch a video from the night – VMCO Charity Banquet

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