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Xin chào! Each year, the Temple School of Pharmacy in partnership with Mercer University and VMCO sends a medical mission team of bio-engineering and pharmacy students to under-served areas of Vietnam. We six pharmacy students [] have been fortunate enough to be chosen for this medical mission as a part of our pharmacy rotation.

Vietnam is in great need of medical care, with millions of Vietnamese living below the poverty line with no access to care. More than 100,000 people in Vietnam are amputated due to silent mines, infections, and diabetic complications and cannot afford to be fitted for prosthetics. We are training to be pharmacists, but our role in Vietnam goes beyond just medication. As a team, we travel to several cities and set up clinic sites where local Vietnamese can come and receive acute medical care such as prosthetic fittings, physical therapy, medications and counseling for disease states such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as B12 injections, blood glucose testing, and blood pressure screenings. Additionally, we donate food and supplies to local orphanages and schools.

We are raising money to buy medication and medical supplies to help the underserved patients of Vietnam. All money collected will be used to buy medication and medical supplies.

Vietnam Medical/Pharmacy Mission 2017

$200 of $5,000 raised
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About Donations:

Venmo: We prefer donations via Venmo as we are not charged a fee for this service.  Venmo donation can be sent to @VMCO2017

Credit or debit card: you do not need a PayPal account to donate. If you are prompted to sign into Paypal, just find the little ‘continue’ link so that you can enter your credit card information. We are charged a minimal fee (2.9%) +$0.30 per transaction for credit card or Paypal processing. (Fundraising websites such as gofundme or kickstarter charge a much higher processing percentage.)

We are not charged any fees if you donate through check or money order. We can also accept any other form of donation that is most convenient to you. Please reach out to any of our team members should you have any questions.


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